Sunday, August 4, 2013

Earth Roamer XV-LT RC 1/10th Scale Remote Control Crawler

Roaming Earth 1/10th Scale Expedition R/C

by Lonnie Sexton


When Earth Roamer first gave me the opportunity to make a 1/10th scale replica in 2009 I had no idea it was going to take 5 years to complete. At that time I had only built one large super crawler and had no scale R/C building experience. I have been around and built various R/C projects my whole life, but never a scale R/C truck. Much less a custom, one off, never been done before… Yeah, I jumped in head first and learned to swim. It was well underway and had some good Internet buzz. Closing in on 150K views in just under a year, I was busy with lots of PM’s and updating builds forums. Unforeseen circumstances put the build on hold. Short and sweet updates for almost 2 years had some people thinking it would never be done. Alas its final parts were installed hours before New Years eve 2013. I rang in that New Year with the EarthRoamer XV-LT RC, an all black ninja kitten named Cassidy and a Blue Moon. 
The Earth Roamer XV-lT*R/C is made from custom brass, steel, aluminum, hard coat cell foam, basswood, styrene, fabric, polycarbonate and granite parts. The Axles, Transmission, Shocks, Wheels, Tires, Part of the Chassis, and hardware are off the self R/C parts.


Brazing, Metalwork, Solar Charging circuits, and many miniature modeling skills were learned along the way. Thanks to the support from companies like Amazing Crafting Products, I was able to figure out ways to make my own casted plastic parts. Their support is and was then a life saver!

Build Forum members really helped push and motivate to get the project done. Nate (sig) pulled some strings and got the finished build in the R/C magazines. RC Driver has a 4 page feature article in the May2013 issue, page 82. The entire build thread over a 5 year period can be seen on and Hundreds more photos like the ones shown below in stages from beginning to end. The build has over 250,000 views between the 2 sites, and counting. More than I ever could have expected, as this was my 1st attempt at making scale R/C's.  
Rcc 8/3/2013

scale4x4 8/3/2013
The 1st video adventure in 2013 is posted on youtube.


A quick visit to HQ mid progress. (fall of 2009)

Rear Bumper 14lbs pull winch

KCCO CO Plates.
The Earth Roamer XV-LT R/C has been on and continues to go on adventures around Colorado, the US and soon internationally.

Sports Authority Field 2013

Thanks to:
Earth Roamer; Bill and Matt, thanks for giving me the opportunity!
RC4WD, RC Driver, TCS, RPP, Amzaing Crafting Products, Garden Trucking, Hobby TownUSA, Home Depot, Scott G, Lord Blackbeard, Clayton B,  Addy M, and

The first of many, the bar will be raised! Come back soon to see more video adventures and exciting projects.

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